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Cargo Transportation

Cargo Transportation

Impex group performs all types ofcargo transportation from almost every part of the world. 

Impex specialists have a lotof experience in the field of transportation. This fact allows us to guarantee highqualities of the provided services, including the carriage of goods from abroador through the Russia Federation. 

Impex works with all basictypes of transport: air, railway, auto, sea. 

Especially for you we developlogistics schemes, allowing us to optimize the cost of transportation of goodsand related services the best way. 

We work with all major typesof cargo: bulky, oversize, dangerous, industrial. 

At the moment, due to theincrease in foreign trade turnover of Russiaand Iran,freight transportation in the direction of Iran-Russia and Russia-Iran becamevery demanded. We deliver perishable goods from main cities of Iran (Tehran,Mashhad, Astara, etc.) in any point of Russia through the city of Derbent, by refrigeratorsunder temperature control, with observance of all norms and standards oftransportation of this product. We deliver goods by tilt euro trucks in bothdirections. 

We carry out seatransportation of goods from the ports of Anzali and Amirabad through the port of Makhachkala and then in any point ofRussia. The export of goods (including loose grain crops, machinery, vehicles,etc.) from the port of Makhachkala to Iran.

We alsorender services in the sphere of import and export sea container transportationthrough the port of Novorossiysk(organization of sea freight, freight forwarding in the port, organization ofauto delivery, etc.). We deliver goods from China,Europe, Turkey, Egypt, Israel,the USA, India and manyother countries.

Our company, together with its Azerbaijanipartners, launched a new service for the delivery of goods (dry, perishable,etc.) by railway from Iran (Astara station) and Azerbaijan (any station), aswell as delivery of perishable goods from Turkey (Tarsus station, 30 km from Mersin and 50kmfrom Adana) to Kutum station (Astrakhan), then we carry out customs clearance,photo sanitary inspection in Astrakhan, and send railway carriages to anystation in Russia. After passing the customs clearance, it is possible totransfer goods to vehicles for delivery to other cities in Russia

We deliver goods by rail from Iran and Turkey through Azerbaijan and Russia to the Baltic countries, Scandinavian countries, Europe and also in the opposite direction. We deliver goods from Pakistan, India and China through Iran and Azerbaijan to Russia with further shipment to the Baltic countries, Scandinavian countries and Europe. Delivery is carried out in the shortest time.

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