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Customs clearance

Customs clearance

Why do you need acustoms broker?

When you declaregoods on your own, without the relevant experience of the customs legislationand knowledge, you will face many difficulties, for example:


·       loss of several weeks on the correct completion of thenecessary paperwork;


·       there is a probability of  inaccurate determination of CN FEA codes (ifyou do not know what it is, you can be sure that our helpis necessary for you);


·       confusion while counting duties at customs.


In addition, your company willbear the legal responsibility for all possible errors

The basis activity of acustoms broker is providing customs services, representation of clients beforethe customs service.

Using the Impex services of acustoms clearance our clients receive a number of important benefits:

Legally competent documentation completing. Services providedby our company take into account even the most recent changes in legislationthat fully guarantees the correct completion of documents when passing customscontrol.

The fastest possible customsclearance. Due to established contacts and the necessary status of trust, ourcompany will help you overcome all possible difficulties connected with customsclearance of cargo as soon as possible.

Account of all nuances of border crossing. While carrying outinternational freight forwarding services on a professional level, we provideall the necessary services taking into account specifics of the region of thesender and the region of the recipient of cargo.

You will be all the time awareof the details of the status of documentation and the location of the cargo allthe time. We control all stages and provide a full range of services.

Impex offers clearance ofgoods under any customs regime. Let’s consider the basic customs regimes usedby participants of foreign economic activity:


·       customs clearance under the seal of a licensedrepresentative;

·       customs clearance under your certified electronicsignature;

·       preparation and agreement of documents for customsclearance;

·       electronic declaring of goods;

·       classification of goods in accordance with CN FEA;

·       representation of our clients in customs authorities;

·       obtaining certificate of conformity, declaration of conformity, etcand certificates of technical regulation of vehicle;

·       cooperation at the official contract while providingthe services of a broker;

·       consultation of customs representatives, the expert’sreports.


·       make export declaration by all rules and regulations: accuratedeclaration is important both for customs authorities and for the foreignimporter;

·       prepare and get the results of carrying out ofindependent identification examination for the purpose of export control;

·       control of execution of customs procedures;

·       import/export operations service;

·       calculate export duty (if there is any).

The exact calculations that donot require adjustments are recipe of a successful and rapid outcome of theprocedure. They directly affect the clearance cost.

Impex is the organizationallink that provides its customers with a coordinated and timely operation of allorganizations involved in customs clearance, and ensures fast and efficientclearance of cargo. Profitable prices for our services  are the result of harmonious interaction ofservices. We have optimized the work of the logistics department, carriers andperfected the technology of customs clearance.


Registration of various typesof products in the area of NCCS and SCU.

Impex engages successfully incustoms clearance and forwarding of perishable goods in reefer containers anddry goods in containers and in bulk in the ports of Novorossiyskand Makhachkala,as well as road cargo (perishable and dry) at the land border in Derbent. Adirect contractual relationship with sea ports and shipping and servicecompanies in the port, allow us to offer our clients a wide range of deliveryservices and in-port freight forwarding. 

Today Iranian and Azerbaijanperishable goods direction is actual. Our company has the capability fortransshipment of perishable goods in reefer containers with customs clearanceat the sea port of Makhachkala (the goods from the Iranian ports ofAmirabad,  Nowshahr and Anzali) or at theland border in Derbent, Kutum station in Astrakhan.If necessary, we can provide reliable exporters of vegetables, fruits and othergoods from Iran and Azerbaijan

Photo sanitary and quarantineinspection at the port of Makhachkala, on Derbent warehouse of a temporarystorage and at the Kutum station in Astrakhan are organized in a short time, ifall necessary documents are provided. 

The release of perishablegoods from the port takes no more than 24 hours from the moment of unloading,and on Derbent warehouse of a temporary storage and at the Kutum station inAstrakhan no more than 24 hours from the moment of closing of delivery. 

Highly efficient logisticsplans and experience in working with container and cargoes allow us to reduceterms of processing of goods, which gives our clients the edge in scheduling suppliesand reduces the risks of cargo damage and additional costs of downtime andstorage.

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