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Foreign economic activity

Foreign economic activity


Outsourcing of foreigneconomic activity is the transfer of specific business functions and businessprocesses in the sphere of foreign economic activity of another company,professionally engaged in this activity.

The decisive factor for the transmissioninto outsourcing of foreign economic activity is the need to reduce costs,freeing up financial and administrative resources to perform the basic profilefunctions of the company.

For companies and firms thatuse imported materials, sell their own goods abroad or trade foreignproduction, such service as outsourcing of foreign economic activity is one ofthe most demanded. If you need to purchase foreign goods, but there is noability or desire to set up a foreign economic activity department in thecompany, we can take it over, clear and deliver goods to your warehouse. You willbe able to control the whole process without wasting additional time and thereis no need to organize the while department in your company.

Within the outsourcing of foreign economic activity services we offer the following:

Today the most popular direction of foreign trade is China (consumer goods, equipment, etc.), Iran (vegetables, fruits and various food products), Europe (consumer goods, equipment, etc.). 
Currently, foreign trade turnover of Russia and China is a significant part of the import. The relationship with Iran also continues to gain momentum.
Impex works with suppliers all of the above areas, as well as almost all over the world. If you need to purchase any goods from IranChina, Europe
or any other parts of the world, but you do not have reliable suppliers and experience, we will help you.  We have a great and productive experience in work with Chinese and Iranian manufacturers. Because of this, we are glad to offer you our knowledge. Our specialists are ready to apply all
their knowledge and strength to achieve your tasks.

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