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A certificate is a documentwhich certifies the fact of conformity of goods with established requirementsand current standards. Some products are certified necessary (the list of suchproducts is determined by a special decision of the government of the Russian Federation),and some goods may be certified voluntarily, at the initiative of theapplicant. If products are included in the above list, voluntary certificationdoes not cancel necessary certification.

Certification of goods forcustoms clearance is one of the most essential services. Only certified productmay be imported on the territory of Russia. That is why thereis a need for product certification during the customs clearance of goods,production and sale on the territory of the Russian.

Offered products/services:

1.     Certificate ofConformity / Declaration of Conformity to the state standards.

2.     Certificate/Declarationof conformity to technical regulations.

3.     Customs UnionCertificate.

4.     Fire Safety Certificate.

5.     Ozone-depletingconclusion.

6.     Act of Used.

7.     Conclusion on thevalue of used.

8.     Protocol on alcohol content.

9.     Protocol of Radiology.

10.                      Certificate of State Registration.

11.                      Explanatoryletters.

12.                      The stateregistration certificate.

13.                      Radio frequency center permission for importation.

14.                      Technicalconditions.

If you have the necessary documentswe can organize the certification of products in the shortest possible time(one working day and more). For detailed explanations please contact ourspecialists.


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